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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What They are Wearing: Dallas: The Mad Hatters Tea

I have recently developed an obsession with hats!  Large hats, small hats, anything but a baseball cap!  And Im not the only one!   The trend for wearing hats is huge this year, and I hope that I get invited to some event like this one very soon.

Every year, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens hosts an event called The Mad Hatters Tea to benefit their venue.  The nature theme went to every one's head at the recent event, especially the prize-winning butterfly hat dripping with natural gold-edged monarch chrysalises. But most interpreted the motif a bit more demurely, sporting fresh and faux flowers along with plenty of exuberance.  These photos were taken by Holly Haber.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Katie Bryce's Closet....Mixing Prints for Mixed Up Weather

The last week in Atlanta has brought so me unseasonably cold weather.  While, I am not a big fan of the cold, I was thankful for the opportunity to pull out this outfit!  I bought both of these pieces at thrift stores during my trip to Colorado, but was unable to wear them because it has been so hot here!  The blouse is a teal polka dot ruffle front blouse from the Gap, and the skirt is a vintage handmade skirt.  All together, this look cost me around $10, which you cant beat with a stick!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katie Bryce's Closet - First Day Of Spring

Oh how Ive missed you lovely folks in the blogosphere....Ive been super duper busy working, which I consider a great blessing in this economy, but Ive resolved to make more time for my blogging!  I took the first day of Spring, to bring renewal to my blog and set out to take some "Thrift Store Chic" photos at the very beautiful Candler Park Golf Course here in Atlanta. I hope that you guys take my blog as inspiration and get thrifty with your own wardrobes.   If so, please take some shots of your finds and send them to me!!! I would love to see!

As far as this look goes,  the leather skirt was a $5 thrift store find from my trip to Colorado, and I am so in love with it!  The blouse is one I saw and wanted at Target, but refused to pay full price for it...luckily, a few weeks later I found it on the clearance rack for approx. $10 and needless to say,  I scooped it right up!  My accessories for this look are a testament to the great taste of my family...My necklace was a Christmas gift from my sister,and my bracelet was a Christmas gift from my mother!  The acid yellow/green bandeau I wore with this look is from Anthropologie, and while I spent a little more on it than I do on most things, I am going to get lots of wear out of it this season!   Last, but not least,  my shoes, which I have featured before but will shout out again, are by the one and only Jessica Simpson!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring 2012 Beauty Trend: Dewy Skin

This is one of my favorite beauty trends for Spring 2012 for two reasons...1.  It is simple to achieve 2.  It makes your skin look as fresh as a baby's.  I most often use one of Benefit's illuminators in order to get this look for myself, and I would highly reccomend you using them if you havent! They are super easy to apply, and to get the most "dewy" look, apply a few dots under your brow line, on the inner corner of your eye, down the bridge of your nose, and along the "bow" of your lip...blend in by dabbing with your finger, and voila...gorgeous glowing dewy skin!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring 2012 Beauty Trend - Retro Glamour

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Katie Bryce's Closet - Crazy Atlanta Weather

Its degrees one day and 50 degrees the next...Rainbows and Tornadoes in the same day.  Atlanta weather  has always been crazy, but this is something else!  Anywhoooo...this outfit is comprised of a Forever 21 Long Sleeve Tee, a vets from Chico's that my mom gave me : ), A Thrift Store Blazer from the little boy's section, and my Hue jeggings.

DKNY + Bauble Bar Accessories Collection

I love the recent collaborations between designers and e-tailers, and one of my recent faves is the DKNY partnership with accesories e-tailer BaubleBar.  This collaboration launched thursday and is now available on,  Those of you who are not into online shopping willl have to wait till this spring, however to get the collection DKNY stores.

The nine pieces in the DKNY + BaubleBar’s collection were co-created by DKNY’s design team and the Web site’s fashion director Shoshanna Fischhoff.  Inspiration for the collection came from the brand’s current Jackson Pollock-inspired spring collection and takes the form of rings, earrings, bracelets, cuffs and necklaces that are comprised of resin poppy flowers,  enamel stripe details and mixed silver and rose gold chains. The Pieces range from $40 to $320.

The looks for the advertising campaign were all styled by the brand’s social media personality, DKNY PR Girl (whose real name is Aliza Licht).  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Show Front Row, The Far East Edition

This article was inspired by one I read on WWD.  The writer of the article was written by By HUANG HUNG and it features photos and information about a group of Chinese women who can be seen without fail on the front row at Paris fashion week. These women are some of China's most beautiful, well known and fashionably elite females.  

Zhou Xun (pronounced: cho-shooon) is the newly anointed ambassadress of Chanel in China. Zhou started her acting career when she was 16 in television dramas. She was known for her innocent baby-face looks. Since then, she has starred in numerous box office hits in China. This year, Zhou has stepped out of China and will be seen in “Cloud Atlas,” due for release by the end of 2012.

Fan Bingbing has been a regular at the Louis Vuitton show now for several years. She is the modern-day Bridget Bardot of China, the sex symbol. A few years back, a Web site did an online survey of Chinese men, who voted her the most desirable woman. I once went to a Louis Vuitton store opening with Fan and it was amazing how men would throw themselves at her. When we entered a private room, the waiter could not close the door because there were many bare arms stuck through the crack demanding an autograph. It was a sight to behold. But Fan’s character is far from a helpless sex kitten; she has been bestowed the honorable nickname of “Fan Ye,” literally “Lord Fan,” a name usually reserved for men. Fan is known for her macho decision-making ability and her support for her friends. For example, her writer friend Han Han was accused of using a ghostwriter. Han Han said he will pay 20 million yuan (approximately $4 million) to anyone who dare to step up and can prove themselves to be the ghostwriter. Fan Bingbing doubled the reward to 40 million yuan — a very macho gesture.

Yao Chen is another Chinese face at Chanel. Yao is also a TV actress whose claim to fame came from a role she played as a Communist spy during a Civil War-period drama. Her character was a country girl who was out of place in the very modern Shanghai of the Forties. Since then, she has starred in several major films based on the Chinese fashion industry and has build a reputation not unlike the girls from “Sex and the City.”

Zhu Zhu could be the most interesting actress sitting in the front row of Loewe and Givenchy this season. She is younger and less known in China. She launched her career as a VJ for MTV. Her English is pure California, although she has never studied outside of China. Zhu Zhu is being represented by Creative Artists Agency and has already some major film credits on her résumé, including “Cloud Atlas” and also “Secret Sharer,” now filming in Thailand. Zhu Zhu represents the next generation of Chinese faces, born into a cosmopolitan China and fluent in not only Western language but also comfortable in its culture.

Not Your Grandma's Fur Coat

Although its a glorious 70 degrees outside in Atlanta today, other parts of the globe are still in the throws of winter.  For those of you who are not feeling the effects of global warming in their weather, you should try this new fur coat trend.   Unusual shades and dye patterns are showing up in high fashion social circles all over the globe.  My personal favorite is the Missoni coat Anna Dello Russo is wearing in the 3rd photo. In fact, in my opinion...her whole look is to dye for!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Katie Bryce Loves: This Skin Care Product Must Have

In general, I am a pretty simple girl...and this is especially true when it comes to my beauty and skincare practices. I dont have any super fancy beauty routine, I pretty much just take my eye makeup off with a makeup remover, wash my face with a mild soap, and use whatever moisturizer I have on hand (currently its the Biotherm Aqua Source Deep Hydration Replenishing Cream).  Occasionally though, I get a pimple!  I dont just get any kind of pimples though....I get those really painful and annoying ones that are under your skin and impossible to extract.  These pimples literally used to be the bain of my existence until I found Mariou Badescu's Drying Paste!  

I honestly can not say enough about this product...not only does the aloe rich cream effectively dry up under the skin acne (thanks to the active ingredient ichthammol) buy it also doubles as a wonderful concealer to use under your makeup.  In my opinion, the Mario Badescu line of skin care products is one of the very best for the money.   I personally do not get a lot of blackheads, but have a close friend who does and she swears by their silver powder.  So...whether you need the drying paste, or the silver powder, or have a different skin care problem all together, I would def. give my recommendation for one of the products from the Mario Badescu line.  You can find their full collection by clicking here!